Peace Mapping Programme

The Peace Mapping Programme aims to:

  • display the breadth of interreligious dialogue (IRD) activities promoted by international organizations;
  • analyze the many ways its practitioners engage in interreligious and intercultural understanding, and promote peacebuilding, either directly or indirectly;
  • describe interreligious dialogue activities in the context of, and in relation to vulnerability and stabilizing factors;
  • provide a website that can network practitioners of interreligious dialogue;
  • become a central part of the KAICIID knowledge hub on interreligious dialogue by broadening users’ knowledge about dialogue initiatives and actors around the world, as well as the complex ways in which IRD relates to contemporary human challenges.

La càtedra unesco participa al SwitchMed Connect

SwitchMed Connect  té lloc a Barcelona els dies 29 i 30 d'octubre. SwitchMed Connect 2015 is the first annual gathering of Mediterranean stakeholders to build synergies, exchange knowledge, and scale up eco and social innovations. Leading start-ups and entrepreneurs, industry agents, initiatives, change agents, policy and financial institutions working on applications of productive, circular and sharing economies in the Mediterranean will come together in Barcelona. We will share our stories, expertise and experience on eco and social innovations. We will exchange in interactive sessions and find synergies. We will get inspired on how to scale eco and social innovations, and create actions in the scaling up labs." Més info  aqui.

Entrevista a Selin Altunkaynak

Selin Altunkayak està realitzant una tesis doctoral sobre les dones sirianes refugiades a Turquía: